For the second straight day, Gold has repeated last week’s pattern of defying its own customary summer trading doldrums. After a precipitous sell-off that knocked the yellow metal down to $1,298, it closed Thursday at $1,320 per ounce, up $19.00 from the previous day’s close. Additional sanctions on Russia, coupled with Israel’s just announced invasion of Gaza, have led investors to turn to gold as a safe haven. An out-of-control Dow at high prices has proved a spinning merry-go-round, much too difficult to mount for the unsure investor now looking for stability and safety.
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There she goes again, surprising the daylights out of investors and market watchers, dashing expectations for another sleepy summer trading season! The scorned orphan of the financial community ratcheted up to yesterday’s London fix of $1,322.50 per ounce, and became its own hard act to follow at today’s London fix of $1,343.25. As I write, gold is now hovering at $1,337.00 per ounce. You go, Gold!
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Wednesday, 09 July 2014

Gold Steady on Demand for Bullion

Gold traded mostly sideways this week, with early trading Wednesday pushing prices higher by $6.10 to $1,325.10. Silver was up $0.11 to $21.12, and platinum and palladium are also trading higher.

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Wednesday, 02 July 2014

Gold Powers Higher

These are strange days for the economy, as both gold and the stock market posted higher prices in the same week. In midday trading on Wednesday, gold was higher by $3.21 an ounce to $1,329.40, and silver was up $0.24 to $21.24.

The surge in gold prices was matched by the stock market, powering into record territory despite warnings from Federal Reserve Chairman Janet Yellen that investors may not fully appreciate the risk of future losses. Even though Yellen did not anticipate any current change in monetary policy, the bold warning was meant as a bucket of cold water on the stock market party. The strange price action this week kept the Dow/Gold ratio pegged at 12.7, on a week where gold should have had a clearer edge.

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“Amateurs want to be right. Professionals want to make money.” — Warren Buffett

I’ll give you the answer straight-up to the question posed in the title of this blog piece in just a moment. Bear with me for a minute though.

Sixty years ago, a freelance writer named Darrell Huff published a book called How to Lie with Statistics. It became a classic — one of the most widely sold how-to books ever. In fact, the title is so hypnotic that it almost makes you not want to buy the book because you’re dead sure what it would say once you started reading it. Still, that would probably not be a good idea, because the subtlety of the book’s message would be lost on you if you choose not to buy the book.

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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Gold Up Sharply on Physical Demand

Gold hit prices it hasn't seen since April, on a combination of factors that include Iraq and concerns over stock market valuations both in the US and the European Union. Gold is up again in mid-week trading, moving higher by $3.68 to $1,321.78, and silver was higher by $0.15 to $21.05.

The boost in gold prices, combined with softness in equities, dropped the Dow/Gold Ratio to 12.74, nearly a full point in just a week! Silver had a blowout week, with the Silver/Gold ratio dipping to 62.7.

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Poor President Obama. Right after he promised the American people we were packing up the tanks and the M16s, and bringing American forces home from Afghanistan, wouldn't you know that Al Quaeda-influenced forces would start a civil war in Iraq. What’s a president to do — fire Press Secretary Jay Carney? Tell US armed forces that all leave is cancelled? Call a special session of Congress? Here we go again. The world’s at war.
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Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Gold Bulls Regain Some Traction

Whether you call it a correction or a relief rally, this week certainly comes as a relief to gold bulls — and the sudden turnaround in gold prices lets me hold my analyst head a little higher, though gold is still solidly down on the 30-day chart.
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Wednesday, 07 May 2014

Gold Tests $1,300 Support Level

Heavy outflows from gold ETFs, and a sag in demand for physical bullion, pushed gold prices back below $1,300 in mid-week trading. Gold is currently down $11.44 to $1,296.30, and silver followed gold lower by $0.18 to $19.38. 

Gold pushed below the $1,300 support level despite a weaker U.S dollar, which usually tends to lift gold prices. The price move boosted the Dow/Gold Ratio to 12.71, up from 12.6, which indicates that investors are continuing to leave gold on the sidelines to move money into equities.

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