1. Stocks are more profitable in the long run.

Which stocks? General Motors, maybe? True, that's a stock that has performed nicely this year. But need we remind you GM went bankrupt as recently as three years ago? If you don’t mind looking over your shoulder at the competitive Japanese car market and the labor problems that dogged GM for a long time, go ahead — take your chances.

Or did you mean Blockbuster, Inc.? How’d that one work out for you? Why pick and choose among paper investments when you can buy an investment which individuals and nations have depended on for thousands of years?

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Coin sales have been really heating up lately, especially with collectors and investors wanting to buy something tangible. That being said, last week coin sales took a hit, which was probably due to Hurricane Sandy and other outside forces. Other factors involved include falling silver prices and the fact that no new coins have been introduced over the last week. That being said, gold coins didn’t take a hit, as a matter of fact, sales for gold coins actually went up.


With coin sales down a bit, many people have been able to find better deals on certain coins. Most of those deals are on currently released gold coins. Below you will find a list of coins and what they did last week in sales compared to the week before. As you can see, gold coins were still actually moving very well. At these prices it is a great time to jump in and start buying.

  • 2011- and 2012-W Proof American Eagle gold coins with combined unit sales advancing 587 versus the prior week’s 523. The one-half ounce was the only under performer, gaining 140 against the prior 197.
  • 2012-W Uncirculated American Eagle gold coins with an increase of 113 compared to the previous week’s gain of 6.
  • 2012-W Proof American Buffalo gold coins with a pick-up of 145 against the prior 106.
  • Star-Spangled Banner $5 Gold Uncirculated Commemorative Coins with a weekly advance of 39 compared to the previous week’s gain of 1.
  • Infantry Silver Dollar Commemorative Coins with an increase of 526 as a group (proof, uncirculated and Defenders of Freedom Set) versus 341.

Here now are the top selling coin products overall last week. Many of these are still available at low prices, so take some time to inquire within and look around for a great deal.

Top Selling Numismatic Products of the Week

  1. 2012 Proof Set (+10,237 to 591,014)
  2. 2012-W Proof American Silver Eagles (+5,567 to 795,915)
  3. 2012 Mint Set (+4,142 to 312,224)
  4. 2012 Silver Proof Set (+3,789 to 318,374)
  5. 2012-W Uncirculated Silver Eagles (+1,537 to 151,041)
  6. 2012 Presidential $1 Coin Proof Set (+1,222 to 220,068)
  7. 2011-W 9/11 Medals (+995 to 106,745)
  8. 2012 America the Beautiful Quarters Proof Set (+854 to 116,052)
  9. 2011 Proof Set (+844 to 1,088,918)
  10. 2011 Mint Set (+641 to 529,506)

Hurricane Sandy is now over, and while people are still trying to get back to normal life, there is still a great opportunity available to invest in gold and silver coins at a lower than usual rate.

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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

US Coin Production Has Huge September

Coin production in the United States had a huge September, especially when compared to August numbers. While September wasn’t the biggest month of 2012 (as it relates to coin production), it was one of the bigger ones, and with the huge jump from August it was a nice sign for United States coins.

More pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters were struck in September for use by the American people. The new quarter depicting Denali National Park in Alaska and have not been issued yet. Even though the new quarter was not issued, it was still counted as part of the number of coins struck and it will be released shortly.


New figures for coin production just hit the wire, and they place the monthly production total at 905.34 million coins, the third highest this year and well above the 811.42 million from September of last year. As you can see, coin production was in full swing last month and may continue that way for the last three months of 2012.

Here are some monthly comparisons dating back a year from September:

September 2011 - September 2012 Coin Production Figures

Month Mintages Rank
September 2012 905.34 M 3
August 2012 655.55 M 11
July 2012 906.62 M 2
June 2012 975.59 M 1
May 2012 819.86 M 5
April 2012 858.04 M 4
March 2012 781.70 M 8
February 2012 579.86 M 12
January 2012 802.50 M 7
December 2011 431.78 M 13
November 2011 715.96 M 9
October 2011 690.66 M 10
September 2011 811.42 M 6

As you can see, September ranks third overall for the year, yet coin production for each coin was up overall for the month when compared to August.

  • 33.7% for Lincoln cents,
  • 98.5% for Jefferson nickels,
  • 11.2% for Roosevelt dimes, and
  • 96.7% for America the Beautiful Quarters

Coin production in the U.S. is very strong right now. The huge jump in numbers from August to September may have something to do with the stimulus that was presented by the Feds, or it may just be that September happened to be a very strong month for coin production.

Either way, we should continue to see strong coin production numbers for the rest of 2012 and into the early part of 2013. How strong? One can never be too sure, but numbers comparable to these September’s numbers seem very possible.

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Don’t look now, but after sales figures for July for the gold and silver American Eagles were released many people wondered if the coins were loosing their grip as the most popular coins around. The answer to that…. NO!. August sales figures were just released an it turns out that that gold and silver American Eagle coins are still as popular as ever.

While numbers are still down overall from the same time a year ago, August 2012 sales of the coins showed a 4.5 percent surge in gold, and a 12.6 percent surge in silver. This was a nice turnaround from the numbers that posted for July sales of the coin, as those numbers were way down across the board.


August sales of American Eagle silver coins tallied to 2,870,000, or 26.0% higher than July’s 2,278,000. Although down 22.0% from the same time a year ago, last month was the second best August in the Eagle’s 26-year history.August sales of American Eagle gold coins advanced 39,000 ounces, up 27.9% from the 30,500 ounces that were sold in July, but also down 65.2% from a year ago. As you can see, numbers are starting to pick up, but are still way down from a year ago when gold and silver American Eagles were selling at a much faster rate.

The America the Beautiful series also continues to perform well, as noted below in the numbers update for this series of coins.

American the Beautiful Sales

  • 2012-P El Yunque National Forest 5 oz. Silver Bullion Coins — up 3,500 to 16,700
  • 2012-P Chaco Culture National Historical Park 5 oz. Silver Bullion Coins — up 9,600 to 17,000
  • 2012-P Acadia National Park 5 oz. Silver Bullion Coins — up 5,200 to 15,100
  • 2011-P Olympic National Park 5 oz. Silver Bullion Coins — up 400 to 85,900
  • 2011-P Vicksburg National Military Park 5 oz. Silver Bullion Coins — up 400 to 39,500
  • 2011-P Chickasaw National Recreation Area 5 oz. Silver Bullion Coins — up 300 to 29,700

As you can see, while these coins are not setting any sales records, their popularity is very much in tact and they continue to sale at a nice pace. Coin buying and collecting is still a major outlet for many investors, as they view it as a way to buy something tangible and a way to strengthen their portfolios and keep their money safe.

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