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U.S. stocks are beating every major asset class for the first time in 17 years even as economic growth weakens and profits rise at the slowest rate since 2009. The Standard & Poor’s 500 Index has rallied 14 percent in 2012, beating Treasuries, corporate bonds, commodities, the dollar and equities in Asia and Europe, data compiled by Bloomberg show. The last time that happened, in 1995, the S&P 500 was… Read more...

Hedging, Hoarding or Capital Appreciation?

Monday, 13 August 2012
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While gold remains placid during these summer months ($1,620.9 per ounce as I write today’s column), it may be a good idea to settle back and ponder the percentage of your portfolio you should maintain in the yellow metal. Read more...

Why Gold Remains a Sound Investment In 2012

Sunday, 24 June 2012
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“Paper is poverty,… it is only the ghost of money, and not money itself.” Fascinating quote, isn’t it? It’s a statement that could easily have been made by George Soros, Ron Paul or even Alan Greenspan -- gold aficionados all of them. But this particular quote hails from a much earlier source. It happens to be taken from a letter Thomas Jefferson wrote in 1788 to Colonel Edward Carrington– a… Read more...

Gold Jumps on Weaker Dollar

Wednesday, 17 October 2012
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Gold jumped back up today (Wednesday) on news of a weaker dollar. Growing progress toward a debt solution for Europe weakened the dollar, and gold took advantage, gaining over $6 for the day. While not a double-digit jump, it was nice to see the yellow metal still going strong. Gold for December delivery GCZ2 +0.34% climbed by $6.50, or 0.4%, to come in at $1,752.80 an ounce. It traded as… Read more...
As orders from food makers have picked up during the past year, Create-A-Pack Foods Inc. turned to a staffing company, Kelly Services Inc. (KELYA), to add about 100 workers. Hiring on a temporary basis saves money if an employee doesn’t work out and expands recruiting beyond Create-A-Pack’s Ixonia, Wisconsin, headquarters, Chief Executive Officer Glenn Cochrane said. Read more...
The debut designs of the 2013 $1 Presidential coins have been released. This program started in 2007 has become increasingly popular and the coin series that was created to honor all of our past Presidents will release the twenty-fifth through twenty-eighth issues in 2013. Below you will find a quick list of the 2013 release dates for these coins, along with the Presidents depicted on each coin. William McKinley, February… Read more...

Gold on the Ropes, but Not Yet Down and Out

Friday, 10 August 2012
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Gold is straining investors’ patience.  It clings tightly to the ropes, but the referee hasn’t stopped the fight yet.  The Fed posturing of the last several months has failed to materialize into a third round of quantitative easing here in the states, an event we know will not only pull gold off the ropes, but will enable it to triumph.  The yellow metal has endured more than its share of… Read more...

The Gold Capitol of the World

Thursday, 17 January 2013
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If there’s a contemporary city capitol for gold, it’s Kerala, India. Some might think that New York should wear such a crown, with Wall Street, the Federal Reserve and other massive stores of wealth on the island. However, though such wealth is clearly evident in the Big Apple, the prevalence of gold among the populace doesn’t hold a candle to Kerala. Not a small city by any stretch, Kerala’s 33… Read more...

Central Banks Look to Build Gold Reserves

Thursday, 14 March 2013
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Central Banks have a choice to make. They either need to buy and sell gold, or start looking into building gold reserves. This will help their situations in the long run and add to their non-Dollar and non-Euro assets. This according to a new study from gold-market development organization the World Gold Council. Read more...

Was the Government Shutdown Good for Gold?

Thursday, 17 October 2013
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Gold is a highly valued investment haven in times of economic or political crisis.  Ever since the introduction of fiat currencies, which have value only because a government backs them, gold has been a safe place to invest when paper money destabilizes.  When American politicians abuse our economic system to jostle for power, gold can seem like an especially attractive investment.  Before you ramp up your gold investments, however, you… Read more...