Gold’s Value as a Safe Haven Intensifies

Thursday, 17 July 2014
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For the second straight day, Gold has repeated last week’s pattern of defying its own customary summer trading doldrums. After a precipitous sell-off that knocked the yellow metal down to $1,298, it closed Thursday at $1,320 per ounce, up $19.00 from the previous day’s close. Additional sanctions on Russia, coupled with Israel’s just announced invasion of Gaza, have led investors to turn to gold as a safe haven. An out-of-control Dow at high prices has proved a spinning merry-go-round, much too difficult to mount for the unsure investor now looking for stability and safety.


Despite its assertive movement right now, gold has not surged to the upside with a fury. A Reuters report this morning sagely points out that if hiring and wage numbers improve, the Fed could authorize a rate raise earlier than previously announced. Given such a raise, some investors could cash in their gold in favor of moving into interest-bearing accounts.

Still, prices are holding well above the $1,303 100-day moving day average. Also, Moscow’s inability to limit violence in the Ukraine, and the latter country’s tagging of a downed Malaysian airliner with 279 passengers as “an act of terrorism,” supports investors’ current need for a safe haven.

If you’re presently contemplating an investment in gold, you might want to pay more attention to the fundamentals than to the technical indicators. As I write, Israel just began its invasion of Gaza. It announced this move at 10:39 Israeli time. This invasion could cause a surge in the price. Such a conflict asserts a tug on many nations — the US, Russia, France, Britain and others — and economies could get out of control.

If you’re concerned about another sell off or test of the $1,298 level, dollar cost average your gold purchase — buy some at the current price, and the remainder if we do test that level. When gold surges towards the end of the year, you won’t sweat the $22 per ounce difference in your two purchases.

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Trevor Gerszt

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