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  • Gold’s Value as a Safe Haven Intensifies

    Gold’s Value as a Safe Haven Intensifies
    For the second straight day, Gold has repeated last week’s pattern of defying its own customary summer trading doldrums. After a precipitous sell-off that knocked the yellow metal down to $1,298, it closed Thursday at $1,320 per ounce, up $19.00 from the previous day’s close. Additional sanctions on Russia, coupled with Israel’s just announced invasion of…
  • Gold Slips Below $1,300

    Gold Slips Below $1,300
    It’s been a brutal week for gold, with prices finally stabilizing marginally below $1,300. On Monday gold dropped 2.3%, the largest one day drop in all of 2014 so far. Gold prices bounced off lows in early trading on Wednesday, up $3.44 to $1,298.07, while silver was up $0.05 to $20.72.
  • Those Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer

    Those Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer
    There she goes again, surprising the daylights out of investors and market watchers, dashing expectations for another sleepy summer trading season! The scorned orphan of the financial community ratcheted up to yesterday’s London fix of $1,322.50 per ounce, and became its own hard act to follow at today’s London fix of $1,343.25. As I write,…
  • Gold Steady on Demand for Bullion

    Gold Steady on Demand for Bullion
    Gold traded mostly sideways this week, with early trading Wednesday pushing prices higher by $6.10 to $1,325.10. Silver was up $0.11 to $21.12, and platinum and palladium are also trading higher.
  • Gold Powers Higher

    Gold Powers Higher
    These are strange days for the economy, as both gold and the stock market posted higher prices in the same week. In midday trading on Wednesday, gold was higher by $3.21 an ounce to $1,329.40, and silver was up $0.24 to $21.24. The surge in gold prices was matched by the stock market, powering into record…
Recent Goldco News
Gold had a rollercoaster of a ride today, as the yellow metal waded through sequestration meetings and other news from around the globe. Gold ended slightly up heading into the weekend and preparing to start the first full week of March in a couple of days. Read more...

Gold Price Jumps on Bernanke Testimony

Tuesday, 26 February 2013
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The price of gold jumped big today as Bernanke gave testimony regarding the $85 bond buying stimulus that the Feds currently employ. The yellow metal was up over 2 percent from where it started the week, trading as high as $1,619 earlier in the day. Gold finally recaptured that above $1,600 price point that is so critical (psychologically) for investors… Read more...
Gold fell again today, setting up an overall loss for the week, which was to the surprise of no one. The metal is still struggling over concerns that the Feds are reconsidering their bond buying stimulus policy due to the fact that they think the economy is getting stronger on its own. Read more...

Gold Up on Disappointing U.S. Data

Thursday, 21 February 2013
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Gold started heading in a positive direction today after several sessions of losses. The yellow metal gained back some of its previous losses due to some disappointing U.S. data that came out. The yellow metal is trying o get back to that $1,600 per ounce price point that is important psychologically. Read more...
Gold has now hit a six-month low, as a stronger dollar continues to work to drop the yellow metal. However, gold should be on the rebound soon because of the currency wars and tensions from that arena. The yellow metal was down almost $10 today, as investors and traders bide their time and wait to pounce back into the yellow… Read more...
Gold prices were down again today, as the dollar surprisingly continued to strengthen, This is a good thing, but now gold has to figure out how to play nice with the rising dollar. Chinese New Year Started yesterday, which should mean a swing upwards for gold. Read more...

Gold Drops in Front of Big G7 Meeting

Monday, 11 February 2013
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Gold prices started this week down, as the yellow metal fell right ahead of the G7 meeting scheduled for this week. Despite all the promised continued stimulus buying, gold decided that this Monday was not going to treat it kindly. Read more...

Gold Dips on Investor Profit Taking

Friday, 01 February 2013
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One day removed from a near $20 spike in price, gold dipped a bit in price heading into the opening weekend of February. The yellow metal had experienced a huge gain the day before, but was back down in price just a bit due to investors taking profit from the recent spike in price. Read more...

Gold Back Up After Four Sessions of Declines

Tuesday, 29 January 2013
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After four straight sessions of declines, gold was back up Tuesday as a weaker dollar and a lack of good data regarding the economy was apparent. This is also the eve of the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy statement. As investors and traders await to hear what type of changes, if any, will be in store for them after the most… Read more...
A lot has been talked about over the last year and a half regarding China and its attempt to become the world’s number one gold buyer. Well, they can now claim that spot. According to the latest data to come out, China has definitely surpassed India as the world’s clear-cut number one gold buyer. While reports out of India continue… Read more...