Investment Grade Silver

Investment Grade Silver

Silver is often the forgotten or overlooked precious metal. With historical values near 5% that of gold, and more recent values less than 2%, this is understandable, if short-sighted.

Due to current market pressures, including the increase in sovereign debt, unrestrained increase in the money supply and many nations reducing their exposure to U.S. Treasuries, the U.S. dollar’s future is anything but certain. During times of such fiscal instability there is no safer investment than precious metals.

Gold and silver both offer excellent opportunities for the savvy investor. However, silver, unlike gold, is denominated in much smaller increments, affording portfolios more diversification options.

Enjoying the same semi-numismatic protection to volatility as their gold cousins, investment grade silver coins also absorb volatility in the markets. From proof Silver Eagles to the older Morgan silver dollars, the investor is able to establish an extremely versatile and robust long-term portfolio.

While many are aware of gold’s peak of $850 in 1980, what’s often forgotten is that silver’s peak reached almost $50 the same year, reaching a ratio of 17 to 1 in its relationship to gold. With current ratios fluctuating around 50 to 1, and much silver being consumed industrially, many are expecting an incredible correction in the not-too-distant future.

There may be no better means to be a part of this correction than investment grade silver. Furthermore, regardless of whether silver does adjust to its historical relationship with gold, it remains an affordable and trustworthy asset, showing great resilience and strength in troubled markets.

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