• Thursday, 17 July 2014
    For the second straight day, Gold has repeated last week’s pattern of defying its own customary summer trading doldrums. After a precipitous sell-off that knocked the…
  • Wednesday, 16 July 2014
    It’s been a brutal week for gold, with prices finally stabilizing marginally below $1,300. On Monday gold dropped 2.3%, the largest one day drop in…

"I have never been more worried about the economy than I am now. The dollar is weak and the stock market is too unsteady to rely on. For me, buying gold is as necessary for my portfolio as the seatbelt in my car."

Steve F., Gainesville, Florida

"Since entering the precious metals market a few years ago, we've seen amazing growth in our account - we've exceeded all of our goals.

"Michael and Claire G., Nashville, Tennessee