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We welcome you to meet some of our staff through their short biographies here on the website. While not all of our staff is featured here, we hope that these bios give you an understanding of the caliber and high standards that we hold when selecting our employees.

Trevor Gerszt


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Trevor Gerszt has been passionate about gold since childhood. Growing up in South Africa, the world’s second largest gold producer, Gerszt spent his youth collecting gold coins. Surrounded by a family of experienced coin collectors, he gained valuable insight about the precious metal. As an adult, his fascination with gold and silver led him to Goldco Direct. He’s committed to educating everyone – from the novice client to the serious investor – about the benefits of investing in the gold market.

Brian Rooke

Vice President of Sales

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Brian Rooke learned an invaluable lesson when he was young. His father was an investment banker and Brian witnessed many of his father’s clients struggling with the ups and downs of a sometimes volatile stock market. Although Brian liked the idea of a career in investing, he didn’t necessarily want to his clients to experience the uncertainties that can arise from Wall Street. He found stability in precious metals. Now, he works with clients to help them build solid foundations for their financial futures with precious metals.

Adam Parcelli

Retirement Specialist

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Adam Parcelli comes from a family of experienced traders. Among his many interests are studying the geological and historical significance of precious metals. His greatest passion has always been in the long-term preservation of any level of wealth, especially when it comes to his own family. He believes that precious metals, such as gold and silver, offer investors the best avenue for asset growth and protection. Parcelli is a passionate precious metal expert who is proud to be a member of the Goldco Direct family.

Alex Kahn

Account Executive

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Alex Kahn has a philosophy about precious metals: they are an insurance policy for any balanced portfolio. He learned to appreciate and understand precious metals during the 1970s when he worked as a manufacturing jeweler. Over the years, he has invested significant amounts of money through business and traditional investments. Through his experiences, he identified a reoccurring pattern that has helped him develop a solid strategy for sound investing in precious metals such as gold and silver. Kahn has been married for 35 years; he and his wife have a 33-year old daughter.

Dianne Green

Account Executive

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As a child, Dianne became captivated with gold and silver coins that have historical significance. She is particularly interested in the Indian Head Coin Set and the Peace Silver Dollar. Green maintained her interest through high school and into adulthood, eventually becoming an expert in precious metals. As an account executive with Goldco Direct, Green has the opportunity to combine her passions – gold, silver, and investing. She works with clients by helping them invest and obtain their own physical gold and silver coins.

Dean Saunders

Account Executive

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After Dean Saunders found his own success as a gold investor and gold coin owner, he wanted to share his experiences with others and show them how investing in gold using a balanced approach can lead to a financially secure future. He is happiest when he sees his clients’ precious metal investments grow in value and when he’s searching for new ways for them to increase wealth through owning gold. For clients interested in retirement plans, Dean helps them set up precious metal IRAs, individual retirement accounts which can include physical gold and silver.

Ted Noutsos

Account Executive

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When Ted Noutsos began working for Goldco Direct, he knew he found the ideal work environment that would allow him to prosper. He had been with different companies in the past, but at Goldco, he is surrounded by like-minded precious metal expert professionals. They are committed to providing seasoned investors with an alternative to traditional stocks and bonds and those new to investing with an exciting way to acquire precious metals. Ted believes one of the best ways to stay on top of the precious metals market is to monitor prices and to increase investments in certain metals based on market conditions.

Kevin Douglas

Account Executive

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Kevin Douglas is one of the leading experts in the precious metals industry in regards to investment grade coins. In addition to sharing his vast knowledge on these coins to his clients, he also shares his wealth of knowledge with experienced industry professionals looking to expand their understanding of coins, their history, and their benefits. He frequently travels throughout the United States and abroad to give seminars on rare and collectible coins and on the precious metals investments industry as a whole.

Fred Baker

Account Executive

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Fred Baker has a long history of trading precious metals. Before arriving at Goldco Direct, he was involved in trading gold and silver ETFs, also known as paper gold and silver. He extensively studied ETFs and gained a better understanding of the differences between paper gold and physical gold. As a result of his findings, Fred decided to transition into the physical sector because he was no longer comfortable recommending paper assets to his clients. He currently advises his clients to invest in physical precious metals as a means to protect and increase wealth.

Chelsea Thompson

Account Executive

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Chelsea Thompson grew up in a small, rural Mississippi community. As a child, she dreamed of moving to a large city and getting a job in the financial sector. After graduating with a Masters Degree in Finance, she flew to Los Angeles, California, with her degree and a dream. She obtained a position at Goldco Direct and has never looked back. Thompson has never regretted her decision to pursue her dream of a financial career with Goldco and she is dedicated to helping others realize their dreams of building a solid portfolio through investing in precious metals.

Martin Nguyen

Creative Director

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As a strategic and passionate graphic designer with an eye for innovation and pixel perfection, Nguyen's expertise is a perfect fit for Goldco Direct. Since starting at Goldco, Nguyen has developed a great fascination for the color gold; not only is gold precious and unique, but it is also one of the most complex colors to recreate graphically due to its vast array of gradients and different shades.

Adam Gardiner

Head of Web Development

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Adam Gardiner spends the majority of his time developing and managing the Goldco family of websites. For internet visitors, his captivating web pages serve as a digital portfolio of Goldco Direct and its services. In addition to website development, Adam oversees the company's online visibility to ensure that their clients can find them online. With his talent for developing websites and his commitment to learning, Adam continually strives to increase his knowledge of the craft.

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