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Corporate Responsibility

Goldco Direct cherishes the opportunity to contribute to the well being of the community, while at the same time embracing our responsibility as world citizens. Whether it’s through charitable giving, protecting the environment or getting involved in local programs, the bottom line for Goldco Direct extends beyond the dollar sign, spilling out into the nation, from the local to town to the deepest forests.
Many of our natural resources and former treasures have been irresponsibly and irrevocably destroyed for future generations. We can’t do everything. But we can all do something. Goldco Direct’s goal is to leave as small a footprint as we possibly can. In addition to recycling in our offices, some of our efforts include adopting digital memos, restricting printer and copier use and using such resources as Docusign to provide electronic signatures and contractual agreements.
In addition to environmental concerns, Goldco Direct is determined not to let our brave soldiers be forgotten. While we’d love to be able to help them all, we’ve found a means by which we can recognize and help provide needed assistance to soldiers wounded in service to our country. Often these men return home facing severe challenges in finding jobs and providing for their families, in addition to the emotional challenges battle can bring. The Wounded Warrior Project organizes donors, support groups, warriors and their families in order to help these brave souls to not just recover, but to excel in their homes and work places. Being a part of their lives is truly an honor we cherish.
On a local level we have made it known that we desire to contribute to the community. To this end we are constantly on the lookout for opportunities to serve and charitable organizations we can team up with. Perhaps you know of a need that we could help fulfill. Please don’t hesitate to offer your suggestions.
We hope you’ll join us in efforts such as these, to help provide for the next generation as well as for those in need today. Perhaps we can team up in some of these endeavors.

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