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About Goldco Direct

With over a century of combined experience as wholesalers of precious metals (gold, silver, platinum, and palladium), the knowledgeable, friendly representatives and executives at Goldco Direct have recently opened up to the public. With this recent change, we intend to bring the knowledge and expertise of a large volume wholesale dealer directly to individual investors.

As we all know, the current economic situation is in shambles. With paper investments becoming increasingly risky, it's crucial to diversify into historically-proven tangible assets that have globally-recognized "intrinsic value"; that is, value that is inherent and not subject to the devaluation or collapse of fiat currencies.

Goldco Direct agents are well-versed in the real value of tangible assets and the benefits that they can provide. They don't "guess" or "hope"-they know.

After being immersed in the wholesale side of precious metals for years, Goldco Direct representatives are both savvy and experienced in all facets of the precious metals industry. Also, having previously been a large volume wholesale dealer, we can offer precious metals for significantly less than most retailers.

Goldco Direct offers two primary services:

Delivery of gold and silver to clients (direct to their home) as a method to protect assets in a cash position.

Help for clients looking to add precious metals to IRA's and 401K's as a tool to diversify their retirement portfolios and physically preserve their individual wealth.

We pride ourselves in being able to share the vast amount of knowledge that we have accumulated over the years and we are eager to offer a greater level of service than previously seen in the industry.

Let us help to protect your hard earned assets.

We're here to help you achieve - and hold tight to - your financial security.

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6320 Canoga Ave 15th Floor
Woodland Hills, CA 91367