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About Gold IRA's

Regardless of how your current retirement is structured, including 401k, 403B, TSP or managed IRA, one of our representatives can help you move your resources to a new Precious Metal IRA account. Not only does this allow you greater personal control of your investments, it provides a means for you to diversify your IRA into Precious Metals.

Why Diversify Your Retirement Account with Gold and Silver?

Very few have the knowledge and foresight to pick a stock that will see meteoric growth in the near future. Though there have been several of them over the past few decades, such as Google, Microsoft, Intel and Apple, most people simply look back at their growth wistfully, wishing they had the foresight to get in on the action early.

It’s entirely possible that there’s been more wealth lost in
pursuit of longshots than the amount gained investing in these rising stars. The reason is that it can be incredibly difficult for even experts to predict how a given company, especially a new company, is going to perform. Some are in the right place and the right time. Others seem to do everything right, but never make their mark. Then there are those that seem like such long-shots that nobody pays any attention until they’ve reached the moon.

This is the essence of diversification. While the degree of diversification is largely dependent upon knowledge, risk tolerance, portfolio size and other personal factors, the need for diversification is generally universal.

What is Portfolio Diversification?

Effective diversification involves investing in sectors and markets that move inversely with one another. A simple example might compare two stocks within in the sporting gear market. An investor might own two stocks, one geared toward winter sports, the other toward summer sports. During the summers one stock does well while the other stagnates, only to reverse in the winter.

While this example is simplistic, it serves to illustrate the principle well. Markets fluctuate for many reasons, including world events, natural disasters, crop qualities, new fads or technologies and even poor management. These result in various movements, some more general, such as inflation, others more specific, such as business failures or overvalued stocks correcting.

When Should You Diversify?

A well-diversified portfolio takes these possibilities into account, striving to promote the greatest growth while at the same time protect against loss.

Diversification is a form of insurance for your portfolio. Not only are precious metals proving to be a profitable store of value today, they have a tried and true record for wealth preservation in unsettled times.

Precious metals tend to counter the worst market calamities quite consistently for several reasons:

  1. During inflationary periods, gold retains its purchasing power while the local currency continues to decrease in value. This is because fiat currencies can be printed at will, adding to the supply. Gold, however, can only be increased at a certain rate, through much effort and cost. This provides stability for gold that cannot be denigrated by printing presses.

  2. National debt tends to erode the wealth of corporations and individuals alike. Gold ownership establishes a foundation of value that does not succumb to the pressures of budget deficits. Furthermore, some forms of gold ownership are not subject to capital gains taxes.

  3. When stock prices drop, investors often find safety in gold and silver, causing prices to increase.

  4. With the recent turmoil involving financial institutions, a great deal of personal wealth has been lost. Holding precious metals provides security against such failures.

  5. Many world economies appear to be approaching insolvency. As conditions grow worse, more will recognize the value of gold as a reliable store of value, especially in contrast with failing currencies.

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