$5 Liberty Head "Half Eagle" Gold

$5 Liberty Head "Half Eagle" Gold

An important part of a Gold investment collection is the U.S. Five Dollar Liberty Head Half Eagle.

The Half Eagle is the only U.S. coin to be struck at all of the seven U.S. mints that were in operation at the time. The coin depicted Lady Liberty with her hair in a tight bun adorned with beads, with loose curls dangling to her neck. "Liberty" was inscribed on her coronet and she was surrounded by thirteen stars, each representing one of the original thirteen colonies.

This coin had many changes in design; one of the last designs was that of Christian Golbrecht. This design was used until 1908 when it was replaced by a design which depicted Lady Liberty wearing an Indian war bonnet, with a bald eagle with its wings spread on the reverse. The eagle has three arrows clutched in his talons, is standing among olive branches, and has on his chest a shield with the Stars and Stripes. He is surrounded by the words "United States of America", the mint mark and denomination.

Millions of these coins were minted and nearly all of them were used as currency.

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