$2.50 Liberty Head "Quarter Eagle"

$2.50 Liberty Head "Quarter Eagle"

One of the most affordable ways to begin investing in rare Gold coins is to start with the U.S. $2.50 Liberty Head "Quarter Eagle". This is one of the most popular coins among new investors and collectors.

The production of this Liberty Head coin began in 1792 and went through several design changes until in 1840 Christian Gobrecht's redesign was used to craft the $2.50 Liberty Head; which was often called the $2.50 "Coronet".

As in the other Liberty Head coins, Lady Liberty is featured on the obverse with her hair in a tight bun adorned with beads, with loose curls dangling to her neck. She is shown wearing a coronet engraved with the word "Liberty". The reverse depicts a bald eagle with wings outstretched and a shield on its chest engraved with the Stars and Stripes. The eagle stands among olive branches and in his talons holds three arrows. Surrounding the eagle are the words "United States of America", and the mint mark is clearly depicted.

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