$2.50 Indian Head Gold

$2.50 Indian Head Gold

One of just two coins designed by sculptor Bela Lyon Pratt, (the other being the $5 Indian Head), the $2.50 Indian Head is an affordable way to begin investing in rare Gold coins.

In similar fashion to the $20 Saint-Gaudens gold piece, and the $5 Indian Head, President Roosevelt was also instrumental in the re-design of this smaller gold coin.

The coin again features on its obverse the first true American Indian Chief to appear on a U.S coin, wearing a full-feathered headdress bearing the word LIBERTY on its head band. He is circled by a border of thirteen stars, with minting date also included.

The coins front face depicts a bald eagle, standing proudly aloft olive branches, and looking at the words UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and the motto IN GOD WE TRUST.

Both the $2.5 and $5 Indian Head gold coins incorporate a technique known as incuse relief, which gives the design and lettering a sunken appearance. These are the first and only coins to incorporate this.

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