$10 Liberty Head "Eagle" Gold

$10 Liberty Head "Eagle" Gold

The U.S. $10 Gold Piece (also known as the "Eagle") was one of the first American gold coins ever minted, with production beginning in 1795. The first design featured a bust of Lady Liberty wearing a turban, and depicted an eagle with a wreath on the reverse. However, these original gold coins were undervalued in relation to their weight in gold so their production was discontinued in 1804.

In 1838 a new "Coronet" design, inspired by Venus, was fashioned by Christian Gobrecht. This design showed Lady Liberty on the obverse, with her hair in a tight bun adorned with beads, with loose curls dangling to her neck. She is shown wearing a coronet engraved with the word "Liberty".

The reverse depicts a bald eagle with wings outstretched and a shield on its chest engraved with the Stars and Stripes. The eagle stands among olive branches and in his talons holds three arrows. Surrounding the eagle are the words, "United States of America" and the mint mark is clearly depicted. The first of the $10 Liberty Head coins which were struck after 1839 have a slight difference in design from those minted later; the most obvious difference is a shortening of the neck of Lady Liberty.

These coins were minted by the U.S. Mints in Philadelphia, San Francisco and the then new Denver Mint. Their mint run continued until the new $10 Indian Head gold coin was introduced and the production of the $10 Liberty coin was discontinued. The U.S. $10 Liberty Head Eagle is one of the most affordable and popular U.S. gold coins.

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