Peace Silver Dollar

Peace Silver Dollar

The Peace Silver Dollar has a denomination of $1.00 USD, a metal composition of 90% silver and 10% copper, and a weight of 26.73 grams.

Whilst it would be natural to assume the Peace dollar to have been named due to the word "PEACE" stamped below the perching bald eagle on the coin’s obverse, Peace dollars (1921-1928 and 1934-935) were actually named well in advance of the coin's actual design and inclusion of the word PEACE.

Peace silver dollars originated in late 1921 at the time of the Pittman Act, a 1918 law which effectively melted more than 270 million silver dollars into Bullion, and they succeeded Morgan silver dollars. Their peaceful sentiment was appropriately timed for a post-World War I nation seeking a new optimism and respite from war.

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