Gold Mexican Libertad (Mexico)

Gold Mexican Libertad (Mexico)

The Mexican Gold Libertad, known as the "Casa de Moneda de México", is considered legal tender in Mexico and it has been in production since 1981. It has a current purity of 24-karats and is among the top-selling of all gold coins. Libertad translates into ‘freedom’, a theme embodied in the design of the coin.

This design has remained constant since 1996, featuring the Mexican Goddess of Victory in front of two volcanoes. On the coin is the inscription "1 Onza Oro Pura Ley .999", meaning 1 ounce pure gold. The obverse shows the national emblem in the form of an eagle hunting a snake, surrounded by the historical Mexican Coat of Arms. The original design is based in on an ancient gold Mexican coin. The inscription on the coin reads "Estados Unidos Mexicanos".

Following early 1 ounce, 1 / 2 ounce, and 1 / 4 ounce denominations, denominations of 1 / 10 ounce and 1 / 20 oz were produced starting in 1991.

Since 1982, the Libertad has been regularly minted in gold and silver. Since 1989, sporadic high-quality collector\'s editions of the gold coin have been issued, with a circulation of around a few hundred copies. Since 2006 Proof Sets have regularly been made specifically for export.

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