Gold American Buffalo (United States)

Gold American Buffalo (United States)

Since 1986, the American Eagle Gold coins have been ascribed with a purity of 91.66% (22-karat). However, the market has long demanded a Bullion coin with a purity of 99.99% purity.

In June 2006, the United States Mint responded to this demand, producing the "Buffalo", the first 24-karat Gold bullion coin of the United States.

The design of the Gold Buffalo is similar to that of the first nickel coin released in 1913, known as the "buffalo" nickel, with a nominal value of 5 cents. The designer of the buffalo nickel, Earle Fraser, was a student of Augustus Saint-Gaudens.

Like the buffalo nickel, the gold buffalo has a depiction of an Indian portrait on one side of the coin. Beside the portrait is the year of issue, and the word "Liberty" is inscribed to the right of the portrait.

The coins obverse shows the American bison. At the time of the original design, these animals, which lived in the North American prairie, were threatened with extinction. (Note: The European representative is known as the bison, whilst African and Asian species are called buffalo. Colloquially, the bison at that time in England was known as the buffalo.) In addition to the bison is the face value of $50, the purity, and the country of origin. The inscription "In God We trust" refers to the national motto of the United States.

Initially, the buffalo gold coin was only issued as a one ounce piece and parallel to the "American Eagle". The coin is also minted at proof quality, which has a limited mintage.

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