Swiss Gold "Helvetia"

Swiss Gold "Helvetia"

The Helvetia is one of the most popular rare Gold coins among investors as it usually trades at a relatively low premium over the current Spot price of gold, yet it still maintains its numismatic qualities that qualify it as a private gold coin.

The face value of the Helvetia is 20 Swiss francs, and it is often referred to as "The Vreneli" – a derivative of "Verena", who represents the Confederation of Switzerland in female form; being comparable to Lady Liberty of the United States and to the French "Marianne". The female face depicted on the obverse of the coin was modeled by Francoise Engli.

This coin is known as the "Helvetia" because of the inscription above the portrait; a variation of Helvetica, the Latin name for Switzerland when it was part of the Roman Empire. On the reverse of the coin is a rendering of the Swiss Cross displayed on a shield and surrounded by oak leaves.

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