St Gaudens $20 Double Eagle - MS-61

St Gaudens $20 Double Eagle - MS-61

The St. Gaudens “Double Eagle” is considered the most aesthetically pleasing of all United States coin designs and is a treasured centerpiece in many lucky numismatic collections.  This St. Gaudens $20 has been certified MS-61 by NGC (Numismatic Guaranty Corporation).

Born in Dublin, Ireland, but raised in New York City, Augustus Saint-Gaudens became a celebrated sculptor with commissions for Civil War commemorative monuments across the United States, including Madison Square in New York, Lincoln Park in Chicago and Boston Common, before becoming interested in coin design.  He was ultimately chosen by President Theodore Roosevelt to redesign both the $10 and $20 Gold coins despite having been diagnosed with cancer in 1900, which would lead to his death in 1907, the year his coin was introduced.

The stunning obverse shows a victorious Lady Liberty with a torch for enlightenment in one hand and extending peace with an olive branch in the other.  Around her can be found various symbols, including a star for each of the states in existence at the time.

The flying eagle on the reverse had been intended for use by Saint-Gaudens on the cent, but worked it for the “double eagle” after learning the law would not permit use of an eagle on the one cent coin.  Like the obverse, it has the sun’s golden rays in the background.

Saint-Gaudens’ work was honored in 1986 when the obverse was used on the American eagle Gold bullion coins.

The $20 St. Gaudens weighs 33.4 grams with a composition of 90%, or .9675 ounces of gold.  The coin has a diameter of 34 millimetres and is edge lettered with “E Pluribus Unum.”

Due to the softness of the metal, gold coins are most desirable in uncirculated condition, meaning they have no signs of wear, allowing the sought-after mint luster and original color to remain intact, as with the coin pictured.  NGC is one of the big three coin certification companies in the world and their highly respected expertise adds both value and piece of mind.

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