Morgan Silver Dollar - MS-64

Morgan Silver Dollar - MS-64

Accessible, large silver coins are hugely popular with collectors, as the design is easy to appreciate and the feeling you get holding a heavy precious metal in your hand brings back a time when coinage was a lot different than today.

Morgan dollars have become the choice dollar with collectors of United States coinage, but this hasn’t always been the case.  When the first dollar of this type was minted in 1878, there hadn’t been a circulated US dollar since the Liberty Seated dollar production ended in 1873.  There wasn’t a need for such a coin, but silver lobbyists eventually forced the mint to bring back a silver dollar with the passage of the Bland-Allison Act.

English-born George T. Morgan, assistant engraver at the US Mint, had his design for a new dollar chosen over Chief Engraver William Barber’s submission and the first coin was struck on March 11, 1878.

Morgan’s design features Liberty facing left with the inscription E Pluribus Unum at the top and the date at the bottom of the obverse.  There are also thirteen stars encircling her bust.  Morgan liked the idea of portraying Liberty from an American perspective instead of the traditional Greek-inspired figures, so he used Anna Willess Williams of Philadelphia as the model for the design.

The reverse shows an eagle with wings outstretched, grasping arrows and an olive branch and partially surrounded by a wreath.  The words United States of America are at the top, the denomination of One Dollar is at the bottom, and In God We Trust appears above the eagle’s head.  The unfortunately slim body of the eagle earned the dollar the nickname, “Buzzard Dollar” by some Americans.

This Morgan Dollar, minted in Philadelphia, has been certified as a very choice brilliant uncirculated MS-64 by NGC (Numismatic Guaranty Corporation), which adds to the value and peace of mind sought after by collectors and investors alike.

Finding such excellent examples is a challenge due to the large open fields of the coin, especially on the obverse, which tend to be marred by contact marks during transport from the mint in bags.  This coin has been privileged enough to have only limited amounts of these marks and, when combined with the magnificent luster and strong strike, has earned such a high and sought-after grade.

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