$20 Double Eagle Liberty Head Gold - MS-62

$20 Double Eagle Liberty Head Gold - MS-62

The feel of a large, heavy Gold coin in your hand that actually circulated within the masses for tender is difficult to describe given the steel clad coinage that jingles in our pockets today, but this $20 Liberty Head Double Eagle was once struck for that exact purpose.  With nearly a full ounce of gold, a diameter of 34 millimeters and weighing 33.4 grams, this beautiful coin is a fine addition to any collection or portfolio.

James Barton Longacre, fourth Chief Engraver of the Unites States Mint, designed this first Double Eagle, with obvious influence from Christian Gobrecht’s 1839 Eagle.  Liberty, wearing a coronet with her name inscribed, is depicted facing left with thirteen stars surrounding her and the date at the bottom on the obverse, while the reverse features a front-view of an eagle with outstretched wings holding an olive branch and arrows.  The eagle has a shield with rounded sides and the denomination showing twenty dollars in full – the type 3 reverse for this series, which began in 1849 and continued through 1907 when it was replaced by the newly designed St. Gaudens double eagle.

Minted in San Francisco, not far from where the gold rush began in 1848 giving rise for the need of new denominations of gold coins to be composed of California gold, this $20 piece has been certified by NGC (Numismatic Guaranty Corporation) as a nearly choice MS-62.  Uncirculated examples of gold coins such as this are paramount in appreciating their beauty because the all-important qualities that existed when the coin was freshly minted are still present.

This wonderful Double Eagle has amazing luster and color and relatively few of the distracting blemishes that can appear in the form of bag marks on the large, flat, open fields of the coin.  The strike is very nice, with plenty of fine detail.  To guarantee the coin’s authenticity and grade, it has been certified by a highly reputable third party grader, which adds both value and peace of mind.

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