$10 Gold Eagle - MS-62

$10 Gold Eagle - MS-62

The $10 Gold Eagle is a significant addition to any numismatic collection or portfolio and one graded as highly as this piece is certain to be treasured.  A mint state example of any coin is best to truly appreciate any coin as a work of art and bring the most investment potential.

President Theodore Roosevelt, unhappy with the uninspired design of American coinage of the time, chose renowned sculpture Augustus Saint-Gaudens to redesign the nation’s coins.  The Irish born, but American raised Saint-Gaudens was only able to finish work on two coins – the $10 and $20 gold Eagle – before succumbing to cancer in 1907 and these coins made an impact on numismatics as they are considered the most beautiful coin designs in US history.

The obverse of the coin features Liberty sporting a spectacular Native American headdress with thirteen stars above her and the date below.  Liberty is inscribed on the Indian war bonnet and, although historically impossible, the detail of the work is impressive and sharply struck examples are highly sought after.

The standing eagle on the reverse is perched grasping a bundle of arrows with E Pluribus Unum to the right, United States of America at the top and the denomination, ten dollars at the bottom.  The detail of the eagle’s feathers is important on highly Graded coins.

The coin is 26.8 millimeters in diameter and weighs 16.7 grams, being composed of 90 percent gold.  The edge features raised stars to signify the each of the states of the Union.

This coin has been certified by NGC (Numismatic Guaranty Corporation) as a fabulous MS-62.  The luster of this mint state gold piece, the strike, and the rich color allow for grade.  Even the sharpness on the edge of the rim signifies this coin as top-notch.  Certified examples are important for value and peace of mind, as they guarantee condition and authenticity.

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