$2.50 Gold Quarter Eagle MS-63

$2.50 Gold Quarter Eagle MS-63

Gold coins are fine additions to any collection or portfolio, but even more significant when a piece as historic as the MS-63 Indian Head Quarter Eagle can be obtained.

When Theodore Roosevelt became President of the Unites States he was anything but afraid of change and one of the changes to come about was the redesign of the circulating gold coins.  Bela Lyon Pratt picked up where Augustus Saint-Gaudens left off by designing both the quarter and half eagle gold coins.

His innovative designs created a fair amount of controversy because the relief of the coin is incuse: struck into the surface of the coin instead of being raised.  Complaints came in from people stating the new technique would cause problems such as hindering their ability to stack or causing disease by allowing germs to collect in the recessed areas.  In time, the coin was accepted and was minted from 1908 to 1929, with the exception of the years 1916 to 1924.

The obverse features the stoic head of a Native American proudly displaying his headdress and is flanked by thirteen stars, the word Liberty above, and the date below.  On the reverse is a resting eagle perched atop fasces and an olive branch, signifying strength and peace, with United States of American above, the denomination – 2 ½ Dollars – below, E Pluribus Unum to the left, and In God We Trust to the right.

The coin measures 18 millimeters in diameter, weighs 4.18 grams with a reeded edge and is composed of 90 percent gold.

Gold coins are most spectacular and valuable when obtained in mint state condition because of the original surfaces and luster, enabling the collector to fully appreciate the artwork and achieving maximum value.

This coin has been certified by PCGS (Professional Coin Grading Service) as a choice uncirculated MS-63 with rich color and nice surfaces and strike details.  The grade is further protected by the Certified Acceptance Corporation (CAC) sticker, meaning this independent company has checked the grade for accuracy, adding even more peace of mind.  A quarter eagle in this condition is certain to turn heads.

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